We Invest in the Decentralised Future

IBC Capital is an Early Stage Venture Fund Built Upon the Solid Foundation of Itsblockchain.com

IBC Capital
is built upon the solid foundation of the Itsblockchain Ecosystem. 
Blockchain technology

is rapidly changing the way applications are built. Its key advantages offer huge potential for redesigning the internet landscape. Digital assets, tokens and cryptocurrencies are the fuel of this new economy.

Our mission

We are a group of elite Blockchain consultants who have been involved with cryptocurrencies for many years and have vast experience in Cryptocurrency investing and strong industry connections. We have joined forces to provide high-caliber support and value-added services to your team and community.

We are experts at community management, content creation, signal boosting, analysis, and advising. We facilitate solid community engagement, which can significantly improve your fundraising ability. We have an eye for the finer details that help your project pass scrutiny by intelligent members of the crypto community.

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